About Lee F. Taylor

I Read therefore I Write. I Write therefore I Read. 

I am a mother, a wife, a writer, a lawyer, a sometimes hiker, a reader, and a blogger ~  I am a work in progress.  Thanks for joining me on the journey of the continuing saga I call:

As The Agent Turns” (not to be confused with “As the Submitting Turns” or “As the Debut Turns” ~ episodes I hope to be staring in soon 😉

Act I Scene 2:

As you can see my trip to Muse and the Marketplace was brilliant! My writing improved, I fixed my first page!!!! and I met two amazing agents who asked me to submit when I was ready. I also met Fauzia Burke, marking guru, platform builder, and internet extraordinaire who knew what the internet was going to be before there were emails.  And IMG_20180406_154351~2.jpgwhose book is making my life easier!  Thank you Fauzia for the company and the wisdom.







Act I, Scene 1:

Enter Lee F. Taylor – an attorney who wishes to publish her labors of love.

Backstory: She has finished and put temporarily “under the bed” her first manuscript Wonderland (the very fictionalized version of her through-hike on the Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier) and has written a new mature YA manuscript in four months, Puck Restored, a modern reinterpretation of the sixteenth-century masque Love Restored by Ben Jonson.  Because the themes of greed vs. art are as relevant today as they were in 1612.  She plans to query many wonderful agents soon.  My wish list includes the illustrious Eric Smith an agent with P.S. Literary, an agency of the kinder gentler (and saner) county to our north because I love his authors, Jim McCarthy because I love the work he puts into the world, Reiko Davis because I have heard wonderful things about her from someone I trust (and after our meeting I find all of them true!), and Brooks Sherman who takes chances. Update: I was so lucky to meet Katherine Fausset who is at Curtis Brown and cannot wait to submit to her as well. Sometimes people just click, and we did. Thanks for the wonderful recommendation of If We Were Villains — I loved it!

Currently: I am revising and editing Puck and attending many lovely conferences this Spring!!  I do love a writers conference, feels like coming home (and no one thinks you’re crazy for talking craft.)

Inciting incident: I am very excited to be submitting work April 4th for a manuscript review for the upcoming AWC to a rock star agent Brooks Sherman.  We should all thank Brooks for bringing us Becky Allbertalli, Adam Silvera, and Angie Thomas – that is quite a lineup – one I would love to join.

*And thanks always to the Great Smokies Writer’s Program that has lifted me up, the Flatiron Writers Room that is keeping me there, the Atlanta Writers Club (my go-to for all things conference — George Weinstein is the best.)  And my new “friend” GrubStreet.  I look forward to meeting you all at Muse and the Marketplace in Boston in April 🙂

DISCLAIMER – Day job representing children in DSS court sometimes makes me a little busy so if this blog has a glitch or two please forgive 😉

BACKSTORY: I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida much loved by an extraordinary mother Elizabeth Friedmann and a loving father Frank X. Friedmann who I lost too early. But he taught me life was short and I was to live it. He also taught me to be independent. I met my wonderful, supportive husband at nineteen at North Carolina State University and we have been lovers and best friends ever since. We are the proud parents of a beautiful boy Jackson Taylor who is about to leave our nest to move to our old haunt Raleigh and attend NCSU just like his parents but in Computer Engineering.

I have a science degree from NCSU and a law degree from Stetson University, College of Law and I am a Guardian Ad Litem Attorney Advocate helping to represent children in foster care in court. I am also a writer. I love my jobs!